Top 5 Gold Backed Cryptocurrency For 2023/2024[An excellent hedge against Inflation]

They remove the transport inconveniences, illiquidity, transferability, and volatility related to dealing with physical gold.

1) Tether Gold (XAUT)

They deliver physical gold bars to any address in Switzerland.

2) Paxos Gold (PAXG)

Each Pax Gold (PAXG) token is backed by one fine troy ounce of gold, stored in LBMA vaults in London.


Each BITXGOLD TOKEN is 100% backed by physical gold stored in secure vault. They guarantee BITXGOLD TOKEN’s liquidity. This company is registered in Dubai United Arab Emirates. (\”Ace Stock Commercial brokers CO.LLC\” with a full finance and stock brokerage license)

4) Gold Coin (GLC)

All of their gold holdings are fully audited for transparency and can be viewed at any time online.

5) Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT)

Every PMGT is a tokenised version of a GoldPass certificate, which are 100% backed by physical gold stored in The Perth Mint\’s central bank grade vaults.

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