10,000,000 BXG to be sold Pre-ICO

During Pre-ICO, you can Stake your tokens and earn %3 per month. Click here to join

Token Distribution

Distribution of Tokens will take place after PRE-ICO end. You will be able to withdraw the purchased BXG Tokens on an BEP-20 compatible Binance-Chain wallets set in the account settings.
Token Details
Token TickerBXG
Pre-ICOJan 1, 2023 – Oct 1, 2023
Tokens to sell: 10,000,000 BXG
Token SaleNOV , 2023 – DEC, 2023
ICO sell: 200,000,000 BXG
Initial Price1 X BXG = 0.01g GOLD
Currencies AcceptedBTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, BUSD
Hidden CAPRevealed if 70% of the cap is
Token Delivery DateINSTANT

Presale Bonuses: Staking @ 3% monthly

Only 10,000,000 BXG will be issued during pre-sale PRE-ICO . We offer a %3 monthly staking reward on any BXG purchases above 20 coins. The participants get paid monthly and can redeem their earnings. There is a minimum 10 months staking period, however if you would like to opt out there would be a penalty of 11% to be deducted. All payments are done between 24 and 48 hours to your USDT account on the file.


Bitxgold (BXG) is a gold backed coin & it’s classed as a security token. Our company Ace Stock Commercial Brokers LLC is based in United Arab Emirates. We are setting up a joint venture with the Emirates Gold Company in Dubai (UAE).

We are instructing Brinks UAE to Audit the Gold reserve and we will have a monthly report issued on our website.

At the moment PRE-ICO you could purchase as little as 1 BXG COIN 0.01 gram of gold, Roughly about $6 a coin. depending on the gold price. However to stake your coins on our system you need to have a minimum of 20 BXG

From February 2023 you can stake your BXG and earn 3% monthly interest till December 2023. Prior to listing on a major exchange!

Yes you can, there will be a 10% introduction fee charge deducted and a 1% admin fee. You can opt out by end of every calendar month.

In order to participate at our pre-ICO program, you must be recommended by someone. The person whom introduce you gets a 10% introduction fee. If you opt out of our staking program early we will deduct your introducer fee from your earnings.

In order for Bitxgold to expand their presence we thought that word of mouth is the best way of marketing. Therefore we created a rewarding system that will benefit anyone spreading the word about our project. 

Every Dollars staked on our platform will be invested back in pure gold. We strongly  believe that the Gold price will have a great steady upward trend for the next few years Due to the global economics! Every time there are major global chaos in the world Gold will climb to the moon. Based on studies, the gold price could to increase a whopping 66% by FEB 2024.

The Founder of BITXGOLD is Shahram Z Moghadam (ALEX),  Alex is a British national, residing in Dubai (UAE). He is the CEO of ACETEK SLUTIONS a blockchain development company based in Dubai / India ( www.acetek.solutions) . He has been actively involved in the crypto space since 2011 were he was lucky enough to buy his First BItcoins at around $30. Since then he has been a back bencher behind few success  projects such as Bitcoin Gold in 2017.  He is passionate to bring a security Coin to the market for hedging against any commodity in the global market. He strongly has the view that a Gold Back Crypto currency is the most secure and effective way of Saving your hard earned cash against inflation, theft &&& etc..

BITXGOLD COIN is based on Binance Smart Chain network and is compatible with the most popular cryptocurrency wallets that support Binance BEP20 standard tokens. The list of recommended wallets for storage and transfer of BITXGOLD TOKENS is presented below. Official mobile wallets for iOS and Android are currently in development and will be released before August 2023.

How to add Metamask to your chrome browser?

1- Go to www.metamask.io
2- Download for chrome browser
3-Pin the metamask to your browser
4-Go to Networks and add BNB Smart chain
5-ADD BNB, USDT (bep20) & BXG
Contract address for BXG token: 0x4BBDE1FD97121B68c882fbAfA1C6ee0099c2Eb8b
Contract address for the USDT (BEP20) token: 0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955
Now credit your BNB account + your USDT (bep20) account.
Go to www.bitx.gold & click on join.

now you can buy, sell & Stake your tokens.

We need to show trade with our coin before we can list on any reputable platforms such as CMC, BINANCE etc…
Our target is 10000 genuine wallets holding our BXG coin. Once we hit this target we will start our applications on various smaller centralized exchanges for listing. There after we aim for BIG exchanges like Binance, Kraken, coinbase etc…

  1. Gold bought from Dubai is tax-free, that means you will just be paying for the gold bought and no extra taxes.
  2. The purity of gold bought from Dubai is superior compared to other countries.
  3. Moreover, Dubai’s gold market is much more organized, controlled and regulated. Thus, purchasing gold is much safer in Dubai as compared to other countries.
  4. The gold rate in Dubai depends on the international gold prices today. That is why gold is much cheaper in Dubai as compared to other countries.

Good question: 

1- You introduce a friend to our system, he will join and you get rewarded immediately a 10% introduction fee. 
example he invest in 20 BXG = roughly $120
You get paid via our blockchain fully automated system $12 rewards immediately. 
2- Your friend will stake $120 and get 3% monthly interest
You will get monthly 0.7% on his earning as long as he is staking with us.
3- He will introduce a friend ( same as above ), however you will also get rewarded on his effort and get additional 0.2% on your second line.
4- and on your 3rd level you get 0.1% from everyone staking

Our Company is based in Dubai (UAE) and for our launchpad we are targeting the Southeast Asian markets. We have our first office in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We are also are opening our facilities with partners in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Singapore. For our Pre-ICO program you could join from anywhere in the world and can participate in our staking program! We have a general referral code on the login page.