BITXGOLD TOKEN is based on Binance Smart Chain network and is compatible with the most popular cryptocurrency wallets that support Binance BEP20 standard tokens. The list of recommended wallets for storage and transfer of BITXGOLD TOKENS is presented below. Official mobile wallets for iOS and Android are currently in development and will be released before August 2023.


MetaMask is one of the easy-to-access browser extension Ethereum wallet, which allows you to store Ether and also access dApps. It offers the advantage of encrypting the private keys and storing in your system and that you don’t need any personal information to register. The MetaMask was created with the intention of making Ethereum as accessible as possible, and it can be installed on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave browsers.

How to add Metamask to your chrome browser?

1- Go to 2- Download for chrome browser 3- Pin the metamask to your browser 4- Go to Networks and add BNB Smart chain 5- ADD BNB, USDT (bep20) & BXG Contract address for BXG token: 0x4BBDE1FD97121B68c882fbAfA1C6ee0099c2Eb8b Contract address for the USDT (BEP20) token: 0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955 Now credit your BNB account + your USDT (bep20) account.

Other supported wallets

Trust Wallet

Generally considered as one of the best ETH and token wallets, it offers a great user interface, and helps facilitate token-based transactions. Smart contracts are also available.


Yet another non-custodial wallet platform, Guarda supports numerous cryptocurrencies, including BEP-20 tokens. Users can store, receive, send, buy, exchange and stake their coins with ease.

Ledger Nano S

Industry practices dictate that high-value cryptocurrency portfolios should be kept on hardware, or paper wallets, as a security safeguard. Ledger Nano S provides a compact hardware wallet that supports a plethora of digital currencies and ERC-20 tokens.


Last but not least, the BITXGOLD is also supported by the Trezor hardware wallet. Similarly to Ledger, Trezor supports numerous cryptocurrencies, and grants users access to extra security options, including PIN codes, passphrases and more.