The Impending Debt Crisis and Economic Tsunami ( As predicted at 2019 by Shahram Zandy Moghadam the chairman of Bitxgold ) : Preparing for the Global Impact in 2023-2024

The world economy is currently going through a lot of turmoil, and the pandemic has left many low-income countries struggling to repay the debt they incurred. The International Monetary Fund is warning that this debt crisis could devastate these countries and harm their most vulnerable populations. An economic tsunami is about to engulf the developing world, and many poor countries are simply not prepared to deal with the economic, social, and political consequences.

To survive, not only companies but entire nations need to adapt their development models. Sporadic protests are breaking out in many countries where governments are struggling to balance popular expectations with harsh financial realities. When daily life is disrupted by fuel and medicine shortages, power supply is turned off because every kilowatt hour sold costs more than consumers can afford to pay, and rising food bills consume much of meager household incomes, any spark can trigger a blaze of discontent.

In this context, companies like Bitxgold ( ) can help those nations by bringing balance to the economy with their gold-backed security coins. Additionally, governments can hedge against inflation with the melanin method (Blockchain). Sri Lanka is a visible example of how quickly an economic crisis can lead to societal collapse. It is crucial for nations to take action to prevent such disasters from happening.

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